Welcome to my blog. I am assistant professor at the Child Law Department of Leiden University Law School. I blog about legal issues related to parents and children, same-sex parents, surrogacy and child protection. Since most of my blogs are in Dutch they are not accessible to the English speaking reader. However, I publish in English in legal journals and books and I contribute regulary to the Leiden Law Blog. It may be of interest to you to look at my list of publications.

My research has focussed on legal parent-child relationships in traditional and non-traditional families in a domestic and comparative perspective. The book Parents and their children focussed on the legal position of children born through assisted reproduction with or without donor material, including the position of children in same-sex families. Recent research has focussed on surrogate motherhood in a domestic and comparative perspective. In 2011 I contributed to an extensive comparative report on Surrogate motherhood and illegal adoption for the Dutch Government. The report contains an overview of Dutch regulations on domestic and cross-border surrogacy and 12 country reports and a comparative overview of the laws on surrogacy in a number of European and non-European countries. In 2013 I was invited by the Dutch Senate to act as an expert in the field of same-sex parenthood and give my opinion on the Bill on Lesbian Parenthood that was discussed at that time in the Senate.


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